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Below is a menu of the plants in my collection. They are organized by botanical family under the category Plants. Be careful not to just click Plants since this will list everything in my collection. The triangle beside each category can be clicked to show the genera in each family of plants. You will need to bone up on your botanical classifications to use this menu efficiently.
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The list below are the items I currently have for sale. I only sell unrooted cuttings and I have a $20 minimum order. This list will change as items are available so you will want to check back often.


All of my plants are listed using their scientific name and not common names. I try very hard to get correct names on my plants but sometimes this is very hard to do with some plants so I may have them labeled as I received them. I will always try to keep a history of the names I have had on them for reference. But, there are no guarantees on the accuracy of the names. So, be your own judge.