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Random Pictures from Cloud Jungle
Who we are!
Cloud Jungle ePiphytes is changing. Over the last several years I have operated a small online business for hard to find plants of all kinds. The rigors of packing and shipping coupled with the fact I was most likely losing money has forced me to no longer sell plants as I have in the past.
This site is now devoted to my plant collection and my interest in general. I will have a few plants for sale from time to time but nothing like I did have.street kings download
I do like to trade and I will be providing a place for us to set trades up. Take a look at my pictures since I have pictures of any plants that are hard to find images of or you may not have known they existed.
In my Plant Collection section you will see a listing by plant family of the plants I have or have had in my collection. So, if you may be after a certain plant you will be able to search my collection for a particular plant.
How to care for your cuttings once you receive them

Once you receive your cuttings from us there are some things you need to know to give them the best chance to root and survive.
First of all, if you are planning on using the cuttings in a terrarium or vivarium, PERFECT! Almost all the cuttings we sell are either epiphytic or tropical and most produce aerial roots readily in a humid environment. Therefor many times for the epiphytic plants like Dischidias, Peperomias and most Gesneriads, all you need to do is place them in the environment and watch them grow. Don't try this if not in a high humidity environment   (80% +). Sometimes placing some sphagnum around the cut end is helpful to induce rooting. For terrestrials I sometimes treat them with a rooting hormone, such as Root Tone, and just plunge them in the substrate of the terrarium.
If you aren't planning on placing them in a terrarium then you will need to provide them with a humidity dome or enclosure until they root.
Most of these plants are very hardy given the right temperatures. Low temperatures (60F and below) and wet are sure ways to kill new cuttings. Dischidias are especially susceptible to this. Keep the temperature around 80F and do not over-water.
If you happen to have Superthrive, it is an excellent product for keep cuttings healty while they root. Just follow the directions on the container.

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